This page is for, as the name implies, people who desperately want to get Tokyo Mew Mew revived. I will need people to help me on this though, so try to help if you think you can!

The reason I started this page is because I desperately want this come true more than anything else in the world. I eat, sleep, and breathe mew mew, and it would be my heart's delight to see them in new, unexpected ways. So, I won't rest until that dream is a reality! I'm sure that there are a number of people out there that feel the same way!

Although, I do need a few things for this to work. First, I'm not so sure what company owns Tokyo Mew Mew now, all I know about it's business side is that it was passed around between Tokyopop and 4Kids a couple of times, but I've confirmed that neither of them owns it now. If anybody knows the current owner of Tokyo Mew Mew, that information would be invaluable.

Second, I need proof that there are people are behind me for a big name company to actually care. You can try to support this by going to my club on Revive Tokyo Mew Mew! I just made it yesterday, so it's pretty crappy, but once people get on it, it'll be amazing. Once lots of people have joined my club, I'll make sure that it counts!

Third, although I'm fine with anything here, we need to decide if the revival should be a manga or an anime. Anime would last longer, but would be more expensive. Manga would be cheaper, but in comparison to an anime, would pass by fast.

The choice is up to you if you want to help me or not, but if you do, just try to put the answers you know in a page with "for masayagolover" somewhere in the title.

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