Tokyo Mew Mew is the European Portuguese Dub of Tokyo Mew Mew. Only episodes 26 - 52 were dubbed.

The dub aired on SIC K.

Name Changes

All of the girls and aliens have their original names. However, the girls first names were translated into Portuguese. The male protagonists have their Italian dubbed names.

List of character name changes:

  • Ichigo Momomiya - Morango Momomiya
  • Minto Aizawa - Menta Aizawa
  • Retasu Midorikawa - Alface Midorikawa
  • Bu-ling Huang - Pudim Fon
  • Zakuro Fujiwara - Romã Fujiwara
  • Masaya Aoyama - Mark Aoyama
  • Ryou Shirogane - Ryan Shirogane
  • Keiichiro Akasaka - Kyle Akasaka

Weapon and Attack Names

Morango :

  • 1st Weapon: Strawberry Bell
  • 1st Attack: Ribbon Surprise!
  • 2nd Weapon: Aqua Rod
  • 2nd Attack: Aqua Drops!

Menta :

  • Weapon: Unnamed
  • Attack: Ribbon Echo!

Alface : 

  • Weapon: Castanets
  • Attack: Ribbon Castanets!

Pudim : 

  • Weapon: Pudding Ring
  • Attack: Ribbon Inferno!

Roma : 

  • Weapon: Pomegranate Whip
  • Attack: Pomegranate Spear!

Voice Actors

  • Morango Momomiya - Bárbara Lourenço
  • Menta Aizawa - Ana Vieira
  • Alface Midorikawa - Solange Santos
  • Pudim Fon - Maria Camões
  • Romã Fujiwara - Sónia Neves
  • Mark Aoyama, Ryan Shirogane & Pie - Quimbé
  • Kyle Akasaka - Rui Quintas
  • Dren - Rómulo Fragoso


  • The only character in this dub to keep his name and actor from the Mew Mew Power dub was Mark, voiced by Quimbé. Despite that, the actor didn't use the same type of voice (deeper and mellow in the Mew Mew Power dub, and higher pitched in this dub), instead using his deeper voice for Ryan/Ryou instead.
  • Sónia Neves also did characters in both Mew Mew dubs. In Mew Mew Power, she voiced Bridget and then voiced Romã/Zakuro in this dub.

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