MinTone Arrow

Mint's Weapon appearing during her attack sequence.

The Mintone Arrow (ミントーンアロー, Mintoon Aroo) is Mew Mint's weapon in the anime and manga Tokyo Mew Mew. Her attack, Ribbon Mint Echo, is similar to an angel's bow and arrow, as her Red Data Animal, the Blue Lorikeet, is connected to an angel, and her talent of ballet, which probably produced her costume she wears in her Mew Mew Form.


Mint Arrow - Manga

Mint's Weapon in the 1st manga series.

When not being used to attack, the MinTone Arrow is condensed, looking similar to a lyre (a type of harp) when upside down. There are two blue wings on the top with the heart pointing out. On the wings is a bigger heart with Ichigo's Mew Mark in the middle. When used to attack, the weapon expands into a long, slender bow that Mew Mint uses to perform her attack.

In the Manga, the weapon is more simple, with two bird wings with a heart pointing out in the middle. In A la Mode, the weapon gets changed to the anime version's design.


Name Changes (Manga)

Due to the pun in Mew Mint's weapon name, all 3 English manga translations had their own take on how they thought the name should be translated. However, this caused mistranslations with TokyoPop's and Chuang Yi's translations while the Kodansha version translated it's original intention without the pun.

Language Title Publisher Weapon Name Attack Name
Japanese Tokyo Mew Mew Kodansha MinTone Arrow Ribbon Mint Echo!
English (TokyoPop) Tokyo Mew Mew TokyoPop Mintoon Alo Ribbon Mint Echo!
English (Kodansha) Tokyo Mew Mew Kodansha Mint Tone Arrow Ribbon Mint Echo!
English (Singapore) Tokyo Mew Mew Chuang Yi Minto Arrow Ribbon Mint Echo!

Name Changes (Anime)

Due to the confusion in the original pun, most dubs decided to give the simple name "Mint Arrow" for her weapon. Most dubs either keep this name in English, translate it or use the 4Kids English dubbed name. However, this also means that quite a few dubs don't give Mew Mint/Corina an attack name. Also, there are a few dubs that totally change both her weapon and attack name.

Language Title Weapon Name Attack Name
Japanese Tokyo Mew Mew MinTone Arrow Ribbon Mint Echo!
English Mew Mew Power Heart Arrow None
Mandarin Dōng Jīng Māo Māo
(Tokyo Cats / Tokyo Mew Mew)
Bò-Hé Bow and Arrow
(Mint Bow and Arrow)
Ribbon Bò-Hé Echo!
(Ribbon Mint Echo!)
Cantonese (TVB Dub) Dung Ging Miu Miu
(Tokyo Mew Mew)
Mint Arrow Mint Echo!
Cantonese (ATV Dub) Maau Maau Jin Deui
(Cat Team / Mew Mew Team)
Mint Arrow Ribbon Bok-Ho Echo!
(Ribbon Mint Echo!)
Italian Mew Mew Amiche Vincenti
(Mew Mew Winning Friends)
Mina's Heart Ribbon of Action!
Korean Berry Berry Mew Mew Mint Magic Bow Ribbon Mint Purifying Light!
Hebrew Tokyo Mew Mew Heart Arrow None (Season 1)
Heart Arrow! (Season 2)
Brazilian Portuguese As Super Gatinhas
(The Super Kittens)
Bow and Arrow None
Portuguese (Season 1) Mew Mew Power Heart Arrow None
Portuguese (Season 2) Tokyo Mew Mew None Ribbon Echo!
Danish Mew Mew Power Heart Arrow None
Thai Tokyo Mew Mew Mint Arrow Ribbon Mint Echo!
Albanian (Albania Production) Vajzat Mjau - Mbrojtëset e Planetit
(Mew Girls - Defenders of the Planet)
Heart Arrow None
Albanian ("Jess" Discographic) Luftëtaret Mace
(Cat Warriors)
Mina's Heart Bow in Action!
Hungarian Vadmacska Kommandó
(Wildcat Commando)
Magic Bow None
Latino Spanish Miau Miau Power
(Mew Mew Power)
Lira Arrow None
French Mew Mew Power Heart Bow None (Season 1)
Silver Arrow! (Season 2)
Dutch Mew Mew Power Heart Arrow None
Serbian Družina Mjau - Mjau / Mjau - Mjau Tokio
(Mew Mew Team / Tokyo Mew Mew Team)
Heart-Shaped Arrow None (Season 1)
Heart-Shaped Arrow, Show Your Power!
Heart Shaped Arrow, Attack!
(Season 2)
Croatian Mijau Mijau Družina
(Mew Mew Team)
Bulgarian Силата Миу Миу / Silata Mew Mew
(Mew Mew Power)
Heart Arrow None
Greek Mew Mew Power Heart Arrow and Arrow None
Turkish Mew Mew Power / Sihirli Kızlar
(Magical Girls)
Heart Arrow None


  • The first word of the weapon name in the Japanese version was a pun, combining the words Mint and Tone together.
  • In order to keep the original intent without the pun, the Kodansha English translation of the manga calls it "Mint Tone Arrow."