PromoPosterSihirli Kızlar

A Promo Poster for the Dub

Mew Mew Power, also known as Sihirli Kızlar (translation: Magical Girls), is the Turkish Dub of Tokyo Mew Mew. Since it was dubbed from the 4Kids' version, all of the character have their English dubbed names.

The Turkish dub aired on JOJO in Turkey


The music was kept in English.

Weapon and Attack Names

Zoey :

  • Weapon: Çilek Zil (Strawberry Bell)
  • Attack: Çilek Zil Tam Güç! (Strawberry Bell, Full Power!)

Corina :

  • Weapon: Kalp Yayı ve Oku (Heart Bow and Arrow)
  • Attack: Unnamed

Bridget :

  • Weapon: Kastanyet (Castanets)
  • Attack: Derin Denizde Dalgalanma Saldırı! (Deep Sea Surge Attack!)

Kikki :

  • Weapon: Altın Tef (Golden Tambourine)
  • Attack: Tef Hendek (Tambourine Trench!)

Renee :

  • Weapon: Mor Hançer (Purple Dagger)
  • Attack: Unnamed