Mew Mew Power is the dub of Tokyo Mew Mew in European Portuguese. Since this was dubbed from the 4Kids version, all of the characters have their English dubbed names. Only the first 26 episodes were dubbed. The rest of the episodes were dubbed from the original Japanese version with different voices and Portuguese-translated names.

The dub aired on Canal Panda (in english Panda Channel) and the first 3 episodes were released on DVD.

Weapon and Attack Names


  • Weapon: Strawberry Belt
  • Attack: Strawberry Belt, Full Power!


  • Weapon: Heart Arrow
  • Attack: Unnamed


  • Weapon: Combat Castanets
  • Attack: Deep Sea Attack!


  • Weapon: Golden Tambourine
  • Attack Tambourine Trench!


  • Weapon: Purple Dagger
  • Attack: Unnamed

Voice Actors

  • Zoey Hanson - Sandra de Castro
  • Corina Bucksworth - Claudia Gaiolas
  • Bridget Verdant - Sónia Neves
  • Kikki Benjamin - Maria João Luís
  • Renee Roberts - Maria João Miguel
  • Mark - Quimbé
  • Elliot Grant & Sardon - Mário Centelo
  • Wesley J. Coolridge III & Dren - José Martins

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