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Luftëtaret Mace (Cat Fighters) is the 2nd Albanian dub of Tokyo Mew Mew. It was dubbed by "Jess" Discographic and currently airs on Digitalb's Çufo channel. Unlike other Mew Mew dubs, this version dubs from the Italian version's script, despite using Japanese footage.

Name Changes

Since this version dubs from the Italian script, the Italian dubbed names were used, although there are some slight changes.

Episode List

Season 1

  • Episode 1 -
  • Episode 2 -
  • Episode 3 -
  • Episode 4 -
  • Episode 5 - Gjimnastika (Gymnastics)
  • Episode 6 - Festë Vetëm Për Vajzat Mjau (A Party Only for the Mew Girls)
  • Episode 7 - Majmuni Vëzhgues! Majmuni Mjau (Monkey See! Monkey Mew)
  • Episode 8 - Fjalët e Liqenit (Words of the Lake)
  • Episode 9 - Dëshiron të Kërcesh? (Do You Want to Dance?)
  • Episode 10 - Hollivud Mjau-Mjau, Pjesa e Parë (Hollywood Mew Mew, Part 1)
  • Episode 11 - Zbutja e Anëtares Mjau - Pjesa e Dytë (Taming the Mew Fellowship - Part 2)
  • Episode 12 - Muza kryesore e Skuadrës Mjau (The Main Mew Team's Muse)


Despite dubbing from the Italian version, the opening is in Japanese while the Japanese ending is cut off. Also, due to not having a complete vocal-less track, some music from the original soundtrack is added to the episodes, making some of the background music weirdly mixed.

Weapon & Attack Names

This version dubs from the Italian version's script, so most of the Italian names and terms were used in the show. Although, the attack names were changed a bit.

Mjau Luleshtrydhe (Mew Strawberry):

  • 1st Weapon: Shiriti i Zemrës (The Heart's Ribbon)
  • 1st Attack: Rrezet e Dritës... Në Sulm! (Rays of Light... Attack!)

Mjau Minë

  • Weapon: Zemra e Minës (Mina's Heart)
  • Attack: Harku në Veprim! (Bow in Action!)

Mjau Lory

  • Weapon: Shiriti i Lorit (Lory's Ribbon)
  • Attack: Rryma e Ujit! (Water Current!)

Mjau Paddy

  • Weapon: ???
  • Attack: ???

Mjau Pam:

  • Weapon:
  • Attack: Shiriti e Energjisë! (Ribbon of Energy!)


While the Albanian Mew Mew Power dub translated most of their episode titles from the Italian version, this dub, despite dubbing fully from the Italian version, translated episode titles from the English dub.

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