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Koi wa à la Mode is one of the many singles released for the Tokyo Mew Mew anime series. The single was released in 2002, and the title song featured on the CD is sung by the voice actresses of the Mew Mews: Saki Nakajima (Ichigo Momomiya), Yumi Kakazu (Minto Aizawa), Kumi Sakuma (Retasu Midorikawa), Hisayo Mochizuki (Bu-Ling Huang), and Junko Noda (Zakuro Fujiwara). The B-side, "Nonbiri Dreamin'", is sung only by Ichigo's voice actress, Saki Nakajima.


  1. Koi wa à la Mode (恋はア・ラ・モード; Love à la Mode)
  2. Nonbiri Dreamin' (のんびりDreamin'; Carefree Dreamin')
  3. Koi wa à La Mode (Original Karaoke)
  4. Nonbiri Dreamin' (Original Karaoke)


  1. Koi wa à la Mode
    • Lyrics and Composition: Honda Takanobu
    • Arrangement: Grooving K.T
  2. Nonbiri Dreamin'
    • Lyrics: Fuwafuwari
    • Composition: Honda Takanobu
    • Arrangement: Grooving K.T

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