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Kirameki no Umi wo Koete is Ichigo Momomiya's second character song CD. All songs were sung by Ichigo's voice actress Saki Nakijima. The CD was released on February 26, 2003.


  1. Kirameki no Umi wo Koete (キラメキの海を超えて; Crossing the Shining Ocean)
  2. rondo
  3. Ichigo to Saki no Strawberry Talk (いちごと沙樹のストロベリートーク; Ichigo and Saki's Strawberry Talk)
  4. Kirameki No Umi Wo Koete (Original Karaoke)
  5. Rondo (Original Karaoke)


  1. Kirameki no Umi wo Koete
    • Lyrics: Akie Kiyohara
    • Composition: Kimihiro Yokoi
    • Arrangement: Yoshihisa Fujita
  2. rondo
    • Lyrics: Akie Kiyohara
    • Composition: UZA
    • Arrangement: Yoshihisa Fujita

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