For the Future of Earth, I Am At Your Service, Nya! is episode 52, and is the final episode in the Tokyo Mew Mew anime series, which was aired on March 29, 2003 in Japan, but has never been dubbed into English, as the company 4Kids does not have the rights to the second half the series, and therefore cannot dub this episode.


Masaya and Ichigo realize that the final Mew Aqua is inside his body. Deep Blue's spirit re-emerges, despite Masaya's attempts to regain control. Eventually, Deep Blue wins and claims he has destroyed Masaya's consciousness completely and moves to activate the Mew Aqua and destroy the Earth. Masaya's spirit emerges from his body, pulling Deep Blue's spirit out as well. He tells Ichigo to attack, knowing it will kill both of them. Before he dies, he tells Ichigo he wanted to save the Earth and that he loves her. With Deep Blue's death, the Mew Aqua is released, healing the destroyed city, the Mew Mews' wounds, and reviving the dead aliens. Masaya's body is returned to normal. Unwilling to let him die, Ichigo kisses him and gives him all of her power. Masaya comes to and finds a Ichigo lying beside him, dead. The other Mew Mews teleport into the base and begin crying over her death. They suddenly detransform as the base begins to fall apart. Kish appears with the last of the Mew Aqua. Pie and Tart also come and they thank the girls before teleporting them safely to the ground. The three aliens destroy the base to prevent it from falling on the city, then leave to return to their own world. Masaya kisses Ichigo for a final farewell; but she detransforms and wakes up, to everyone's delight. The girls believe that they have lost their powers permanently, but then they discover that they only faded temporarily when Ryo announces that he and Keichiro have sighted a new enemy. This signals the beginning of "Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode".


  • Although Ichigo "dies", Masaya kisses her, resulting in Ichigo's revival. This is similar to the classic Disney stories "Snow White" and "Sleeping Beauty".

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