Buggin' is the twenty-second episode in the English dub, Mew Mew Power . It is preceded by Episode 21: One Flew Out Of The Mew Mew's Nest and followed by Episode 23: I've Got A Crush On Mew.

Episode Summary

After saving the world from Predasites, Zoey still has all of her summer homework to do before school the next day! With most of her classmates already finished and taking a break, they don't want to help. Zoey discovers that Renee refuses to help, Bridget is also busy with her homework, and Elliot is charging two dollars per each question he helps her answer! What will happen when Tarb unleashes the Psycho-Cicadas?


  • The episode title is a pun in two ways. One being Zoey bugging her friends to get her homework done and the other being the Cicada Predasites that the Mew Mews have to fight.