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Butterflies Are Freaky is the fourteenth episode in the english dub, Mew Mew Power. It is preceded by Episode 13: Slime and Slime Again and followed by Episode 15: The Hero Lies in Mew.

Episode Summary

Zoey meets Wesley's ex-girlfriend Chrys and tries to put them back together. Unfortunately two new Cyniclons, Tarb and Sardon, come to town and steal Chrys's spirit and fuses it with a butterfly specimen and a Predasite to make a butterfly monster named Toxic Beauty.


  • The episode title is a pun on the phrase "Butterflies are Free", which is said quite a few times in the actual episode.
  • Chrys' name and how it's spelt is a reference to a chrysalis, which is a cocoon that caterpillars incubate in so they change into a butterfly.

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