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Episode 02: A New Comrade, Justice Lies in a Real Lady!

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Season 1, Episode 2 – Aired: 4/13/2002

As Ichigo learns more about what happened to her, she meets a girl named Mint, and Masha repeatedly reacts when she's around. What makes Masha react around her? Is there something special about her? Mickey gets away from Mint and runs towards Ichigo. Mint gives Ichigo a hankercheif to clean her hands with. Later she returns it to Mint but Mint refuses and says she can keep it. Just when Ichigo is leaving there is a loud noise and she transforms into Mew Ichigo. Mickey was infected and beacame a chimera anima. Mickey rips open the back of Mint's dress revealing her mark. Mint transforms. And they defeat Mickey returning him to normal.

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