Eizaburou Midorikawa (碧川 英三郎, Midorikawa Eizaburō) is a minor character in the anime series, Tokyo Mew Mew. He only appears in the anime, and only appeared for a scene in one episode.


Eizaburou is the father of Uri and Retasu Midorikawa, and the husband of Yomogi Midorikawa. Their children are students. The family live together in an apartment in Tokyo. Yomogi and Eizaburou are both professors, or teachers. The entire family is unaware that Retasu is a Mew Mew.


Eizaburou has brown hair (which neither of his children inherited), but he wears glasses, like everyone else in his family. His glasses are rectangles.


Not much is revealed about the personality of Eizaburou, as he was only in one scene, but he seems nice, as he smiles as he dines with his family. When Retasu was younger, and friendless, Eizaburou always encouraged Retasu to be herself, and someday, she would have real friends (who are the other Mew Mews, though in Mew Mew Power, Retasu is still friends with the three Beckys also).