Tokyo Mew Mew Chinese Op01:56

Tokyo Mew Mew Chinese Op

The Intro and Opening song to the Cantonese dub.

東京喵喵/Dung Ging Miu Miu (an actual translation of the original Japanese name) is the Cantonese Chinese dub of Tokyo Mew Mew. Like with the Mandarin dub, the show was almost a direct translation (with the exception of the attack names). Like with a bunch of other anime, there were 2 Cantonese dubs but the only one to get a video release was the TVB channel's version.


In this dub, only the theme song was dubbed into Cantonese. The ending song and all the insert songs from the first half of the series remain in Japanese. The insert songs in the 2nd half of the series are replaced with instrumental music from the Tokyo Mew Mew soundtrack.

Home Video Release

Dung Ging Miu Miu VCD

Covers of both Cantonese VCD boxsets containing all 52 episodes.

All 52 episodes were dubbed and aired on the TVB channel in Hong Kong. Another Cantonese dub aired on the ATV channel as well but the TVB dub was the only one to be released on home video. All 52 episodes were released in 2 VCD boxsets with 2 episodes a disc (totaling 26 discs all together). There is also a DVD boxset release but seeing as they put all 52 episodes on 3 region 0 discs, it's most likely a bootleg.

Cuts and Edits

Most of the show is uncut. The only things that were cut were in the last episode when Deep Blue was choking Ichigo and
Cantonese manga

The first 2 volumes of the Cantonese manga.

when Masaya was choking Deep Blue.

Name Changes

Just like with the Mandarin dub, the names of the Mew Mews weren't actually changed but are Cantonese translations/pronounciations of their Japanese names, since most of their names are written from Kanji which is borrowed from the Chinese writing system (e.g., Chou-Mui means Strawberry and TouGung is the Cantonese pronounciation of the kanji characters that spell Momomiya).

Ichigo Momomiya - Chou-Mui TouGung (Mew Chou-Mui)

Mint Aizawa - Bok-Ho LaamJaak (Mew Bok-Ho)

Lettuce Midorikawa - Hueng-Choi BikChyun (Mew Hueng-Choi)

Pudding Fong - Bou-Ling Wong (Mew Bou-Ling)

Zakuro Fujiwara - Sek-Lau TangYun (Mew Sek-Lau)

Masaya Aoyama - Nga-Ya ChingSaan

Ryou Shirogane: Ling BaakGam

Keiichiro Akasaka - Gwai-Yat-Long ChekBo

Quiche Ikisatashi - Hei-Si

Pie Ikisatashi - Paak-Yi

Tart Ikisatashi - Taat-Lou-To

Weapon & Attack Names

Most of the weapons names remain the same but the attack names were changed.


  • 1st Weapon: Strawberry Bell
  • 1st Attack: Strawberry Interception!
  • 2nd Weapon: Strawberry Bell + Upgrade
  • 2nd Attack: Strawberry Super Interception!
  • 3rd Weapon: Mew Aqua Water Rod
  • 3rd Attack: Scepter Water Drops!


  • Weapon: Mint Arrow
  • Attack: Mint Echo! (Sometimes adds "Fire!" afterwards.)


  • Weapon: Lettuce Castanets
  • Attack: Lettuce Flash!


  • Weapon: Bou-Ling Ring
  • Attack: Bou-Ling Inferno!


  • Weapon: Sek-Lau Whip
  • Attack: Pomegranate Ribbon!

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