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Mandarin Mew Mew promotional poster.

东京貓貓/Dong Jing Mao Mao (written as Tokyo Mew Mew by Mandarin fans but it literally translates to Tokyo Cats) is the Mandarin Chinese dub of Tokyo Mew Mew. All of the dialogue is an almost exact translation of the original Japanese and there are no cuts or edits done to the show. The opening, ending and all insert songs stay in Japanese.

This version was dubbed in Taiwan (quite a few people in Taiwan can speak Chinese in both the Mandarin and Taiwanese dialects. Most Mandarin dubs are dubbed in Taiwan).

Home Video Release

All 52 episodes of the Mandarin dub were released on both DVD and VCD in Taiwan and China. The VCDs came in 13 volumes with 2 discs (4 episodes) each. All 13 volumes were later released in 2 VCD boxsets. All releases have hardcoded Chinese subtitles that can't be removed.

Mandarin VCD

13 Mandarin VCD boxes containing all 52 episodes.

Name Changes

The names of the Mew Mews weren't actually changed but are Mandarin translations/pronunciations of their Japanese names, since most of their names are written from kanji which is borrowed from the Chinese writing system (e.g.: Mei/Xiao-Mei means Strawberry and TaoGong is the Mandarin pronounciation of the kanji characters that spell Momomiya).

Ichigo Momomiya - Mei "Xiao-Mei" TaoGong (Mew Mew Xiao-Mei)

Minto Aizawa - Bo-He LanZe (Mew Mew Bo-He)

Retasu Midorikawa - Wo-Ju BiChuan (Mew Mew Wo-Ju)

Bu-Ling Huang - Bu-Ling Huang (Mew Mew Pudding)

Zakuro Fujiwara - Shuu-Liu TengYuan (Mew Mew Shuu-Liu)

Masaya Aoyama - Ya-Ye QingShan

Ryou Shirogane - Leng BaiJin

Keiichiro Akasaka - Gui-Yi-Lang ChiBan

Quiche - Qi-Xiu

Pie - Pai

Tart - Dan-Ta

Weapon & Attack Names

Almost all of the attacks are pretty close to the original Japanese version, with the exception of a few words.


  • 1st Weapon: Strawberry Bell
  • 1st Attack: Ribbon Xiao-Mei (Strawberry) Check!
  • 2nd Weapon: Strawberry Bell + Upgrade
  • 2nd Attack: Ribbon Xiao-Mei (Strawberry) Splices!
  • 3rd Weapon: Mew Mew Crystal Rod
  • 3rd Attack: Ribbon Crystal Drops!


  • Weapon: Bo-He Bow and Arrow
  • Attack: Ribbon Bo-He (Mint) Echo!


  • Weapon: Wo-Ju Castanets
  • Attack: Ribbon Wo-Ju (Lettuce) Thrash!


  • Weapon: Bu-Ling Ring
  • Attack: Ribbon Bu-Ling Ring Inferno!


  • Weapon: Shuu-Liu Cross Whip
  • Attack: Ribbon Shuu-Liu Pure!


  • Pudding's actual name is Bu-Ling Huang due to her and her family being Chinese. The Japanese pronounce the kanji writing of her name as Purin, thus creating the Pudding pun.

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