Chimera Animas (キメラアニマ, Kimera Anima) are the names of the monsters the aliens create in Tokyo Mew Mew. In Mew Mew Power, the monsters are called Predasites.

The jellyfish-like creatures used to make the Chimera are known as Infusors in Mew Mew Power. In the manga and the original anime, they are sometimes called Parasite Aliens and in the Playstation game (sometimes also in the anime) they are called Para Para for short.



Chimera Animas are monsters created by aliens Quiche, Pie, and Tart when they use small blob-shaped jellyfish-like parasites called Para Paras to merge with an animal (in the anime also with a plant, or a human spirit stolen from people) to make them monstrous and under their control. However, the Red Data Animals' DNA prevents any attack of the jellyfish-like parasites, so they can't become host of the parasite. When they are defeated by Ichigo Momomiya, Minto Aizawa, Retasu Midorikawa, Bu-Ling Huang, and Zakuro Fujiwara, their host reverts back to normal and Masha eats the Para Para.

In the Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode manga, the Saint Rose Crusaders take over the remaining Chimera Anima in their plans for world domination.

List of Chimera Anima


  • Chimera Rat
  • Chimera Dog
  • Chimera Elephant
  • Chimera Giraffe
  • Chimera Lion
  • Chimera Hippopotamus
  • Chimera Deer
  • Chimera Gazelle
  • Chimera Crow
  • Chimera Cheetah
  • Chimera Hawk
  • Parasite Anima
  • Chimera Amoeba
  • Chimera Krill
  • Chimera Mantis
  • Dust Waiburn
  • Xenomoglin
  • Chimera Rabbit
  • Chimera Plant
  • Chimera Fish
  • Chimera Moths
  • Xeno Jelly


The Chimera Anima in the animes are sorted by animal, human spirit, plant, and other. Those created from human spirits are anime-exclusive:


Name Episode Image
Alien Creator Misc
Mark Location
Chimera Rat Episode 01 Predasite Rat
Quiche Made from a rat in the park.
Chimera Dog Episode 02 Predasite Dog
Quiche Made from Minto's dog Mickey.
Chimera Lion Episode 04 Predasite Lion cub
Quiche Made from a lion cub.
Chimera Seal Episode 05 Predasite Seal
Back of Neck
Chimera Big Fish Episode 10 Chimera Big Fish
Chimera Bat Episode 10 Predasite Bat
Chimera Crow Episode 10 Predasite Crow
Chimera Amoeba Episode 13 Predasite Slime
Chimera Dust Mites Episode 16 Predasite Dustmites
Chimera Land Fish Episode 17
Episode 18
Predasite Land Fish
Chimera Starfish Episode 19 Predasite Starfish
Central Disk
Chimera Sea Slug Episode 19 Chimera sea slug
Lower Chest
Chimera Jellyfish Episode 19 Predasite Jellyfish
Chimera Sea Urchin Episode 19 Predasite Sea Urchin
Chimera Cicada
(Dub: Psycho-Cicada)
Episode 22 Predasite Psycho-Cicada
Tart 28 Chimera Cicades were made by Tart. The rest of the 27 emerged after the first one was destroyed.
Chimera Turtle Episode 24 Predasite Diamond Turtle
Back of Head
Chimera Mole
(Dub: Armadrillo)
Episode 25 Predasite Armadillo
Pie Pie made them as part of Quiche's plan. In the English dub, they said that Dren made them.
Top of Head
Chimera Moth Episode 26 Chimera moth
Quiche It was hatched from a cocoon.
Chimera Cat Episode 29 Predasite Lilac Point Cat
Quiche It was made from a large cat at a cat fair and had the appearance of a Bakeneko
Chimera Mole Cricket Episode 40 Chimera monster
Chimera Fish Episode 41 Predasite Sardines
Chimera Crab Episode 42 Predasite Lobster
Top/Back of Head
Chimera Stingrays Episode 46 Chimera sting rays

Human Spirit

Name Episode Image
Alien Creator Misc
Mark Location
Chimera Cheetah Episode 06 Cheetah
Quiche Made from the spirit of Mary McGuire. (Dub: Maria Rivera)
Chimera Lizard (Dub: Samba) Episode 07 Samba
Quiche Made from the spirit of a random woman.
Lower Abdomen
Chimera Kappa Episode 08 Kappa
Quiche Made from the spirit of Aoyamada. (Dub: Marco)
Upper Back
Chimera Black Swan Episode 09 Chimera Black Swan
Quiche Made from the spirit of a ballerina.
Base of Neck
Chimera Snake (Dub: Annie Conda) Episode 11 Snake
Quiche Made from the spirit of a TV station worker. (Dub: Annie)
Back of Hood
Chimera Butterfly (Dub: Toxic Beauty) Episode 14 Butterfly
Pie Made from the spirit of Rei Nishina alongside a butterfly specimen. (Dub: Chrys)
Chimera Chicken Episode 20 Chicken
Tart Made from the spirit of Heicha's teacher. (Dub: Miss Rosbe)
Chimera Love Birds Episode 23 Chimera Lovebirds
Quiche Made from the spirits of Moe and Miwa. (Dub: Mimi and Megan) The Chimera Animas are actually modeled after male Frigatebirds despite the characters themselves being female.
Chimera Elephant Episode 30 Elephant
Quiche Accidentally made from the spirit of Shunsuke.
Chimera Flying Dragon Episode 32 Dragon
Quiche Made from the spirit of one of the men at Mint's party.
Chimera Punch Episode 33 Punch
Quiche Made from the spirit of a ring girl.
Chimera Spider Episode 34 Spider
Quiche Made from the spirit of Ayano Uemura.


Name Episode Image
Alien Creator Misc
Mark Location
Chimera Plant Episode 15 Predasite Plant-Snail
Chimera Radish Episode 17
Episode 18
Predasite Radishes
Chimera Cactus Episode 33 Predasite Cactus
Tart It was the first Chimera Anima to be defeated by someone who is not a Mew Mew. In this case, it's Yuebin Long who used a martial arts move on it.
Chimera Taiboku Episode 44 Predasite Tree


Name Episode Image
Alien Creator Misc
Mark Location
Chimera Mew Aqua Episode 21 Predasite Blue Aqua Beast
Chimera Tapir Episode 39 Predasite Tapir
Pie Pie used his machine to create this Chimera Anima to infiltrate Ichigo's dreams.
Chimera Fish Mare Episode 41 Chimera-animal-tokyo-mew-mew-25527589-474-355
Pie Pie used his machine to create this Chimera Anima to pollute the bay.
Chimera Octoblob Episode 47 Chimera Octoblob
Pie This was a blob who took the shape of an octopus upon being summoned by Pie.
Chimera Hybrid Episode 36
Episode 51
Predasite Chimera
N/A (First)
Pie (Second)

The first version of this Chimera Anima was presumbly resurrected from her tablet in Dr.Shirogane's experiment and was destroyed along with the flames that killed Ryo's parents.

The second version was created by Pie to stop the Mew from reaching Deep Blue within the fortress. It was destroyed by the ray from Mew Aqua's explosion.


Video Game

These are the Chimera Animas that appear in the Tokyo Mew Mew Playstation game:

Name Game Image Misc
Chimera Arctic Wolf Tojo Shin Mew Mew!
Chimera Boar Tojo Shin Mew Mew! Boar
Chimera Crow Tojo Shin Mew Mew! Bird
Chimera Fox Tojo Shin Mew Mew!
Chimera Goat Tojo Shin Mew Mew! Goat
Chimera Kiwi Tojo Shin Mew Mew!
Chimera Mouse Tojo Shin Mew Mew!
Chimera Penguin Tojo Shin Mew Mew!
Chimera Pigeon Tojo Shin Mew Mew!
Chimera Rabbit Tojo Shin Mew Mew!
Chimera Scorpion Tojo Shin Mew Mew!
Chimera Skunk Tojo Shin Mew Mew!



  • It is possible that the concept of Chimera Anima came from the Bagu; enemies of Hime Azumi from Tokyo Black Cat Girl.
  • "Chimera Anima" was translated as Kirema Anima in TokyoPop's translation of the Tokyo Mew Mew manga, and then into Chimera Anima during Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode, which may lead to confusion (see below). In Mew Mew Power, they are known as Predasites (a pun on the words predator and parasite) and they are known as Chimeros (Chimeri, pronounced ki-MAY-ri, singular of Chimero, pronounced ki-MAY-roh) in Mew Mew - Amiche Vincenti.
  • Fansubs mistranslated the name as Chimera Animal. The correct translation to the katakana used in the original script, アニマ(A-ni-ma), is Anima, which is a Latin word that means 'soul'. Animal in katakana would've been written as アニマル(A-ni-ma-ru). Despite it being shown in written form in the anime, even in perfect English, it was still mistranslated.
  • The first volume of the manga omnibus(vol. 1 & 2), released by Kodansha, calls the monsters Chimera Animals but realized their mistake and correct it in later volumes, giving the correct name.