The Mew Mews in their Maid Outfits

The Girls in their Café Mew Mew Outfits

The Mew Mews wear this while working at Café Mew Mew. They serve no purpose other then being a uniform. Ichigo does not have her pigtails when she wears the uniform, but nobody else changes their hair style.

All of the maid uniforms are the same, save for the color which respectively corresponds to each particular Mew Mew. The dress is always a darker color, and the lighter bow matches the socks.

Mew Berry Ref 1

Mew Berry in her maid outfit.

A manga image of Mew Berry exists of her in her maid outfit - unlike the other girls, however, the ribbon at her neck is a darker colour, and her socks match the color of her dress instead. She also wears a light pink bow on top of her head, and sports her rabbit ears and her cat tail.

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