Asano is a mottled cat that appeared in episode 29 of the Tokyo Mew Mew anime.

Tokyo Mew Mew

At first Ichigo believed that Asano was a talking cat when she first met him on the subway. It was later concluded that she had a special ability to understand cat language thus she was the only human able to hear him speak. Which is why Asano followed her to Café Mew Mew to ask for her help.

Asano was in love with a Lilac Point Siamese cat by the name of Jacqueline. Though they were in love, Jacqueline's owner would chase Asano of the property viewing him as a mere stray. One day Jacqueline and her owner moved away and Asano set out on a journey to find her. With the help of Ichigo and Retasu he was able to discover that Jacqueline was to participate in a cat fair where she would be set up with another Lilac Point to mate with. This of course devastated Asano.

Bu-Ling came up with the plan to paint Asano like a Lilac Point so he can enter the cat fair as well. But when he met up with Jacqueline again she explained that she could not run away with him because her owner would be too depressed after the loss of his wife. Though heart broken, Asano understood and left Jacqueline alone. He claimed that he would give up and move on but Lettuce convinced him to not give up as he still loved her deeply. As Jacqueline was being introduced to another Lilac Point, Asano interrupted the interview saying that he was her lover to which she agreed. This angered Jacqueline's suitor at the same time an infuser entered his body, transforming him into a Chimera Anima. He then made an attempt to swipe at both Asano and Jacqueline but Asano was able to protect her but ended up injured in the process.

After the Chimera Animal was defeated, Jacqueline's owner saw what Asano did to protect her and thus accepted him as a mate for his cat.


Name Changes

  • Mew Mew Power (French) - Mistigri
  • Dong Jing Mao Mao (Mandarin) - Āshā