Silata Miu Miu

Силата Миу Миу (Transliteration: Silata Miu Miu, English: Miu Miu Power) is the Bulgarian dub of Tokyo Mew Mew, based upon the English dub made by 4Kids.

It was dubbed by Studio Stars


This dub was done in a different way than most others. Instead of it being a full dub it had the voice actors talk over the original English dub. Most characters (if not all) have different actors.

Names and Terms

This name used the English dub names due to it being dubbed from the 4kids dub. All character names remained the same.

The transformation and attack phrases were translated literally and the mew rap was translated to make it rhyme. the catchphrase can be translated to: Mew Mew Style, Mew Mew Finesse, Mew Mew Power You'll See Today!

Home Video Release

all 26 episodes were released on DVD, being one of the two Mew Mew Power dubs to do so.

Silata Miu Miu dvd's

The 5 dvd's that were released.

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